Rushden and District Caledonian Society




Mr. Angus Cameron


Mrs. Sandra Kemp

Correspondence Secretary

Mrs. Lizanne Montone

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Kevin McDonald

Social/Press Secretary

Mrs. Sandra Kemp

Bookings Secretary

Mrs. Lesley McDonald


Mrs. Ellen Munro

Mrs. Helena Connolly

Mrs. Margaret Martin

Mrs. M. Cameron

There is an annual subscription for Membership of the Society of 3 to contribute to the administration costs for correspondence and sundry items that keep the society running. Our society rules stipulate that membership is open to people who can claim Scottish connection by Birth, Marriage or Ancestry. Associate Membership is available to anyone with an interest in the Society

Membership is subject to completion of the Official Nomination Form, and acceptance by vote of the Committee. Every candidate for membership must be proposed and seconded by members of the Society in writing and such members shall vouch from personal knowledge for the fitness and qualification of the candidate to become a member of the Society.

You may contact us via this website:

Current President - Angus Cameron



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