Rushden and District Caledonian Society

Eightsome reel at

Presidents Night 2009

The Rushden and District Caledonian Society holds 4 dances every 'season': President's Night; St.Andrew's Night; Burns Supper; and Lassie's Night. In addition we have a Hogmanay party and several social events over the year. The society is also a member of the East Midlands Association of Scottish Societies which holds one event per year.

Our dances are always a mix of ballroom favourites and Scottish Country Dances. Experienced dancers and beginners alike are welcome to come along.

In 2010 the society celebrated its 60th anniversary with a special dance, details of which you can find from the link on the Home Page.

The society's history can be found by clicking on the link below along with a look at the programmes from the first dances held by the Society from the Rushden Heritage site.

Society's History

Programmes from 1955

Burns Nicht 1952 Programme - 1

Burns Nicht 1952 Programme - 2